Fast friends Shivani and Harnehmat shared a common love for handwritten letters. Shivani was also a part of the global postcard sending and receiving project postcrossing[dot]com earlier as every time she wanted to send a postcard, the post office’s collection of tourism postcards disappointed her. 

At National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, both friends decided to put their passion to good use – they set up a small stall for postcard writing at a World Post Day event. “The turnout was magical,” recalls Harnehmat Kaur, also co-founder and creative head. That was the beginning of Batees which later became Daakroom.


Daakroom is a cultural enterprise dedicated to reviving the art of handwritten communication through creative events, partnerships, campaigns, products and workshops, with a mission to foster meaningful relationships and promote a digital detox culture.

The name comes from the word ‘Daak’, which means post in Hindi.

Daakroom offers unique and engaging experiences that inspire people to embrace authentic connections through the power of the pen.


Make a place for handwritten communication amidst technology.

Be the biggest platform globally, celebrating and promoting the art of letter writing in the 21st century.

Make India the leader in bringing back and reinforcing the importance of handwritten letters.

Encourage a ‘Digital Detox’ culture across the country.

Slow and steady growth to have Daakroom initiatives across the country to celebrate letter writing.


Shivani Mehta

Harnehmat Kaur

Krati Gupta
Communications Executive

Muskan Gupta
Programmes Outreach Manager

Gurleen Kaur
Social Media Marketing Executive

Gaurav Matta
Event Manager

Harshita Priyadharshini
Research School Programmes Executive

Amit Kumar Vishwakarma
Growth Manager

Rohit Sharma
Support Executive