Goodie-Goodie Days!

Would you like to write a postcard to someone?


Nobody? There must be somebody!


Its really simple. All you have to do is pick a card.


And choose a stamp.


And write it.


And we’ll post it for you!

That’s kind of great. I think I’ll see that second one from the top!

At our three days at the Weekend Window exhibition at Goodies Cafe in Ahmedabad, this was more or less the conversation we had with the people who walked up to our colourful little stall. We can’t deny that there were also a lot of instant Oh-yes-why-not’s and I’d-rather-write-a-free-emails. But we also cannot deny that no matter who came, went away with a smile on their face!

Heart-warmed, satisfied and encouraged…Here are snippets from our days…

Battees in collaboration with Kaagazi-Handbound Books