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CulahMount Carmel College9th December Many believe that letter writing and posting postcards is outdated and have no space in todays world. But the stall put up by Battees at Culah, one of the prestigious college fests in the country, organized by Mount Carmel College, Bangalore, proved this wrong. Teachers and students were enthusiastic about writing to […]

Untold Tales

Interacting with children is not just pure fun but also a very enriching experience. We happened to interact with the kids of Kerala Balagram, an orphanage, a home for destitute and delinquent kids. There were roughly 40 kids, all boys, from the age of 6 to 18. The activity that we conducted with them was […]


11:25 amMR Block,Pallikoodam School, Kottayam.Surrounded by 70 curious early teenagers with a bazillion questions. A boy came up to me and asked what the spelling of Day scholar is? D-A-Y S-C-H-O-L-A-R He scribbled it down on the plain side of the postcard and handed it over to me. “Finished Chechi.” One glance and I understood […]

A letter from a legend

Vinod Khanna, an actor with a class of his own, finally departs after a long and painful battle from cancer. This is how my father describes his career: “Vinod Khanna was introduced by Sunil Dutt in Man ka Meet where he played the villain. As a villain he later excelled in Elaan, Mera Gaon Mera […]

Legally Yours

“So why law? What’s your story? Do you have an inspiration for becoming a lawyer? Or a mentor? Someone you look upto? Or do you want someone like that? And what if you had a chance to say something to them? Or ask them something. What would that be? Think and come for today’s 5pm […]

Postcards for Early Risers!

Sunday, 24 July 2016, 7 amRaahgiri, Connaught Place, New Delhi Battees collaborated with the Indian Postal Department to spread a few smiles more 🙂 Here is how the morning went! The event invite Setting up our display under the trees PICK!!!  Finding the perfect postcard is essential  And our variety does not make decisions easy […]

Stamp Tales

First, there were 5 boxes full of beautiful, philately stamps for folks to make a pick from. It’s not like choices make life any easier, and this wasn’t even the hard part. While there were some who cherished the experience to follow, “Lick? Oh really? This is so classic! I don’t remember the last time […]