Mount Carmel College
9th December

Many believe that letter writing and posting postcards is outdated and have no space in todays world. But the stall put up by Battees at Culah, one of the prestigious college fests in the country, organized by Mount Carmel College, Bangalore, proved this wrong.

Teachers and students were enthusiastic about writing to their loved ones far and near. Though many were surprised by the activity itself, most of them could easily connect to the romance involved in posting letters.

Some immediately wrote to their moms sitting at home, some wished their best friend for their birthday and so on.

But it took Nishala three days to finally come to the stall to post a postcard. We had seen her loitering around the stall from Day 1 and finally, on the third day of the fest, she visited us and picked up a Christmas card.

Blushing, she asked us how to write a postcard and about the stamps needed. It took her around half an hour to write the postcard. Finally, just before posting, she put a dark coat of pink lipstick, kissed the postcard, sealed it with a splash of her perfume and posted it. Seeing our excited and grinning faces, she giggled and said;

“That’s the first time I am telling someone ‘I love you’. Thought I’ll promote him from best friend to boy friend”

What a perfect way to do so 🙂