Origami Letter Paper X Envelopes (Set of 15)

Origami Letter Paper X Envelopes (Set of 15)

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For the young wordsmiths and art rebels, our Origami Letter Paper x Envelopes with beautiful designs turn every note into a masterpiece. Birthdays, secret missions, or just sharing a laugh – these letters are your secret weapon.

  • Write, fold, and voila – you've just created a mini-masterpiece.
  • Stamps are included in the product to kickstart your postal journey.
  • Write a poem, letter, or heartfelt notes with the envelopes.
  • Letter Papers x15: Because who needs boring, plain paper? These sheets are like a blank canvas, waiting for your genius to unfold.
  • Stamps(Rs 5) x2: Stick them, stamp them, and make it rain happiness! Add a dash of personality to every letter. ​​ Note: Stamps in the image are for representation only. The designs may vary.
  • Post Guide Sheet: Lost in the world of postage? Fear not! Our guide sheet is here to unravel the mysteries of mailing like a pro. No more "Where does this stamp go?" moments.
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