Smile no. 6

Meet Aryan, the boy who came back and again to write cards to all his dear ones. I wonder, though, if it was because he really wanted to write or because he was one of the lucky ones who we felt like being nice to and gave off a free card to (It did happen to be his Birthday on our first day at Goodies!)

So, with a mischievous smile on his face, he wrote the first card to his sister Anushka, with a Birthday greeting, in fact for himself!

The second one, on the same day, went off as a loving confession to his mummy and dad, along signed with what they call him at home.

We all have embarrassing pet names, yes. But trust me, from personal experience, this isn’t even close to how bad it can get!

And finally, he returned on the third day to write this one specially to his dad. Mind you, he was very particular about his selection of cards each time. Wasn’t like I could give him a random card because it was for free! 😛