Where did it begin?

Battees was born in a local ice cream parlour at Stadium chhehrasta in Ahmedabad over Kesar Pista and Anjeer ice cream. While Harnehmat and Shivani gobbled away the surprisingly delicious flavours, it came up that they wanted to do a surprise morning at college (at the National Institute of Design) and make people smile for no reason at all. So they sat there thinking of economical ways in which they could make people bring out that ‘batteesi’ (yes, all 32 of them, or less for the poor, dentally afflicted ones!). That night, they pulled out all the scrap from the room and put together some notes to put around college. Here’s what they looked like.

The first smile

A little story for outside Amul in campus.

Before you enter the ATM.

For the Boys’ loo.

Can you say that? 😛

For the Girls’ loo.

They didn’t get any responses to that because no one knew who did it. But they did find one of these on a random girls’ table in the hostel a couple of weeks later. Well, it made them smile.