Address Please :)

Well, one of the greatest apprehensions of people stopping by our stalls is how in the world to get the address of their loved ones while keeping the posting bit a surprise. Worry not dear ladies and gentlemen, we bring to you a list of excuses and ideas that can help you accomplish this mission without your friends and family getting suspicious at all!

” But address kahaan hai!!?? 

How to inculcate the vital skill of sneaking out an address:

1. See the person across you? Tell them to dial your friend and prank call them as a courier person/mobile company representative/bank operative/flipkart guy and smooth talk their address out! Don’t forget to use the phone of the other person across you 😉

2. Hire a hacker. Tell them to hack into your friends’ bank account. And retrieve their address from there. Easy enough?

3. On a more serious note, dial your friend and tell them you are filling up a VISA/Passport/Medical form and you absolutely need their address for verification. Clean right.

4. Don’t complicate things. Call the first suspect that lives with your friend:

Mother/Father/Brother/Sister/Grandparent/Uncle/Aunt/Cousin/Roomie/Neighbour/Pet dog.

5. You can call them up yourself and tell them you were testing your memory and trying to recollect the address of your 3 favourite people. (Of course they are the number 1!!) Rant off a broken address and make them correct you!

6. Its time to close your eyes. After you read this of course. And access the deepest recesses of your memory. Remember passing by their house? Glimpsing at their number plate? Turning onto their road? Their colony? You are just about to discover the awesomeness of your photographic memory. You may close your eyes now.

Don’t let this minor hitch of not having an address stop you from putting pen to paper. Use off our tips and rush towards your writing table….right now!

All the best 😀