Ready Lick Stick Go!

At most events, stamps have perhaps been our most constant point of entertainment and amusement. There is something about licking the stamp and pasting it that makes some people laugh, others cry, some to totally gross out and others to look at us incredulously and yet, they all end up having to do it. General reactions go from “Ewwwwwwww!!!” to “Why are you hiding that glue stick?” But there is no escape because we are pretty adamant and can be quite cutely persuasive.

We personally feel that it adds an insane amount of personalization to your already little piece of love. Think of it as your DNA going along to the person! Nevertheless, we have incredibly interesting and fascinating tales to tell around this subject. 

One favourite being, a lady after writing her postcard, picks out a stamp and then with complete and utter nonchalance proceeds to rub the back of the stamp all over her face which was damp with sweat. After running out of sweat on her face, she turns to her friends’ forehead and manages to stick both her stamps on the postcard. Shivani and I stood dumbstruck and in awe. Not everyday do we see inventive and creative stamp sticking at our stalls!

Another one comes from a young man who was pretty taken by the content on the stamp. “So I’m going to be licking Gandhi’s backside now!” he exclaimed. Well, he had us in splits, and every time we ourselves stick the one rupee stamp, we can’t help but smile and think of him.

Then there are always the kids. The ones who see it as magic how a little lick of the tongue can stick the piece of paper! The wonder in their eyes and excitement on their face is palpable. Not to mention infectious. And probably one of the reasons why we keep going.