From the ink pad to the touchpad

They speak highly of the Circle of Life.

Once upon a time, man was ridiculed for being illiterate, and the LTI (left thumb impression) was all powerful; be it legally or otherwise. Slowly, writing and reading became common assets, and the learning curve became steeper and steeper as the Computer Age swept in.

Today, we don’t even need the complicated movements and the coordination to form an alphabet, nor do we require the cognitive ability to comprehend imperfection in handwriting. There are keyboards and fonts. It’s really quite simple; all with the flick of a finger and the impression of a thumb.

Angootha Chhaap, they call it.

अंगूठा छाप | Angootha Chhaap
Language – Hindi
Literal translation- (Angootha) Thumb (Chhaap) Impression
Meaning – Idiomatic description of an illiterate person who uses the thumb impression in place of a signature. The use of this term is most commonly derogatory.