The Story of an Address

“..But I don’t have the address.”
“You have a phone, right?”

Sometimes, we like to eavesdrop on conversations on the stall. And when they’re one sided, one is left to imagine the responses from the other end of the call.

“Without asking any questions, apna address bhej.”
“Baad mein pata chal jayega. Abhi nahi.”
“Abey Lassan! Wahan ka address de. Yahan ka toh humme bhi pata hai!”
“Itna bhi trust nahi hai?”
“Text kar.”
“Whatsapp nahi text.”
“Full address bhej, pin code ke saath.”
“Achchha whatsapp ya text, kuchh bhi. Jaldi kar.”
“Pata chal jayega.”

Other times, they are more contained, crisp:
“Mausaji, office ka address de dijiye.”
“Woh kisi ko kuchh bhejna hai. Ghar ka dunga toh phas jaunga.”

And what to say of that immensely satisfying sense of achievement for having sneaked in an address with a harmless lie; for having pulled it off with least suspicion. All for a tiny little surprise in the letterbox!

That’s why we love our little trick.
50 for a blank card and 30 for a written one.
You either give your money, or your time, your thought, and your effort!