Smile no. 1

Let me introduce to you Nirja. My estimate says she’s about seven years old, and she had come to the stall with her mother.

While her mother was busy looking at the stalls nearby, she came to me with a card she liked and asked if I had an anniversary card for her parents. It was in 5 days. I told her I didn’t have one but I could customize the one she liked. As I picked a pen she got apprehensive with the fear of her mother scolding her. With repeated attempts, I finally convinced her to keep the card in her little side bag and write it later, as a gift from me. Well, the next thing I know, she comes with permission from her mother to use it! (She still didn’t tell her father though!)

Nevertheless, she wrote an extremely cute card right at the stall, using all the colours we had to offer, taking good time to customise it in the best way she could.

So, when was the last time you said it this simply, this honestly?