Smile no. 2

Here’s Mister.. Well, I don’t quite remember his name, so let’s call him Mr. X.

Mr. X came to the stall and got quite happy with the idea of postcards. But he didn’t know whom to write one to because everyone he knew was right there in Ahmedabad. I told him that wasn’t a good enough excuse. He seemed to want to write but needed some convincing.

Alright, call them as you may, cheap tactics? So, I offered to give him a sponsored card if he promised to write it. He seemed interested. He thought he could write a card to his wife (he had never written anything to her). So I tried to help him pick a card. Right then, his wife walked in with another lady and he took a general opinion on the cards I had taken out. She expressed her liking for one. The ladies then moved on to other stalls, giving Mr. X a little time with the card. Now the question was, what should be written on the card?

Among other cheesy ideas, we convinced him on writing the lyrics of the old hindi song ‘Ae meri zoharjabi‘ on the back of the card, and so he did, with a little assistance in hindi spellings! (Though at one point, he did try to pass the task of writing on to me!!)

So he sat with the three pens, alternating the colour with each word, writing with so much love. His wife almost walked in while he sat there, but we managed to distract her with another stall!

After finishing to write it, he gave it to me to post and left with a “Thanks for making me do this“. Made me smile.