Snippets from Convocation at NID

Yesterday was 11 hours with postcards and bringing smiles to a lot of strangers. I’ll not make this too long, and take you straight to some snippets from the day.

A lot of people bought a lot of postcards went away, but there were others who came up with statements like, “Such pretty stamps, I’ll write them all.”

There were postcard demands. People wanted Madhuri Dixit, Devanand, DDLJ, and what not on them when they saw the cinema series!

While some picked..

Others turned away to lick the stamp, as if I was the only soul around!

There was the task of finding the addresses. Strain your brain, or else there’s always phone calls and whatsapp.

And then there were people like Mr. Naik. He was disheartened that his last two postcards didn’t reach a small village he sent it to. He then also blamed people for having flicked them on the way for the pretty stamps they had on them!

All in all, a pretty nice day. And now there are going to be 52 postcards in the postbox across NID, ready to be delivered to their lucky receivers.