Smile no. 3

Anushree, the host of the Winter Affair at Natrani, brought her father to the postcard stall and explained the whole idea to him. He seemed impressed, happy. So, she left telling him to pick a card for her mother, which she then planned to write on his behalf.

After a few normal, sweet card options, I picked this one out for him.

He tried a couple of times to switch back to one of those safe, watercolour cards, but I insisted on this one, telling him to write something to the effect of ‘You are the heroine of my life’ (Told you, cheesy as it can get!). With some apprehension, the gentleman decided on it, and then told me to give it to Anushree to write. There wasn’t a chance I was going to let that happen. No one leaves a card empty when I’m there (okay, fine, a lot of people do, but he wasn’t going to!). So, I gave him a lot of options, including the ‘heroine’ one, and other things like telling his wife how much he loves her.

He sat beside on a chair and took time to write a couple of lines that filled half the card, leaving the rest of the space for his daughter. They were short, simple. He even picked a stamp for her, and left. I was just barely satisfied, until I went back to Anushree to hear her say, “He wrote that? He really wrote that? My dad never expresses himself!