Smile no. 9

This Comic Con at Bangalore, Rohit walked into our stall. He was telling us about his very talented illustrator wife (oh, how we’d love to have her work on Battees postcards!) (You guys should check her spectacular work out by the way: )

(When the little boy accompanying Rohit learns of the magical qualities of the back of a stamp!)Shivani: “So, would you like to write a postcard to someone?”
Rohit: “I’m not sure who to write to.”
Shivani: “May be your wife?”
Rohit: “Oh, that’s nice! I can do that!”
*picks a card and starts writing*
Shivani: “Would you like to send it by normal post or registered?”
Rohit: “Ya okay, registered is good.”
Shivani: “Alright, great. So just write her address on top of the envelope and yours behind it.”
Rohit: “So, you see.. My wife.. and I… We happen live in the same house.”