The writer of the weekend, at Comic Con Bangalore ’15

Abhinand: “How many postcards has any one person ever written from Battees?”
Shivani: “I think in Delhi, someone wrote ten… And here.. May be..”
Abhinand (interrupts): “Let’s break that record!”

When he finally managed a chair on the busy table, we saw him becoming a little too comfortable.

One hour later…

Neelesh (our Postman – you’ll hear more about him soon!) : “Dude, there are people waiting for you to move so they can write too.”

Abhinand: “Oh, I’m sorry man. I’ll just..”

Neelesh (interrupts) : “I’m just kidding. On the contrary, we’re thinking of naming the table after you!”

At the end of the third day, we had fifteen from him. Let’s see who manages to break this one!